Bike Safe

A couple of months ago I went on a Bike Safe day with the South Yorkshire police – a course given to me as a Christmas present by my wonderful partner.

We started at 9am with some talks about road safety, then after lunch went for an observed rideout with an officer, with the view to finish at around 5:30pm with a debrief back at base.

I got all the way up to 4pm before my day became a bit…unsafe. D’oh! Continue reading “Bike Safe”

Prison Architect

I first encountered Introversion as a teenager when Uplink – a game which simulated hacking (using Hollywood theories) – came out around 2001. It was awesome.

For the first time, myself and my friends could all pile into a room and pretend to be hackers from one of our favourite films, calmly linking node to node in order to change a rich student’s grades for a hefty fee without getting noticed. It was balls out brilliant. Continue reading “Prison Architect”

Sooo… I think I just bought a motorbike.

I’ve been looking around for a while now, trying to work out what to get as my first bike. I decided pretty early on (thanks partly to some brilliantly helpful advice from my Dad) that I wanted a full fairing, something that’d actually provide a bit of cover from the weather instead of being a naked, exposed machine.

I finally ended up with a choice of two – the solid Suzuki SV650, or the beautiful Kawasaki ER-6f. Decisions, decisions…

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Panning shots

There’s this funky website I follow called “Digital Photography School” which has all manner of helpful hints and tips related to digital photography. Every week they have a photography challenge on a specific subject; the idea being that you, as the reader, should go out and try to capture that subject and experiment with your photographic abilities.

Last week was the Panning Shot, and this was my submission!

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